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510 Wooden Pipe Battery
510 Wooden Pipe Battery

510 Wooden Sherlock Pipe Battery

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Relive the "good old days" with this Sherlock Pipe-Shaped Battery! This vape that looks like an old school pipe boasts a 900 mAh battery, and is finished with a glossy cherry wood. This battery will work with any 510 thread cartridges and is perfect for distillate or other thicker oils. 

Enjoy multiple vape modes:
5 clicks will turn the device on or off
3 clicks will cycle the voltage between three settings: 3.3v illuminated in green, 3.5v in blue, and 3.8v in red.
2 clicks will activate a 15 second preheat function, getting your e-juices up to a steady temperature to enjoy.

Capacity: 900 mAh
Charging Port: Micro USB
Color: Cherry Wood


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